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Breeding with Purpose ON Purpose

Breeding with Purpose...ON Purpose

Consistent success in just about anything requires intentional, purposeful effort.

The same can be said about successfully breeding alpacas. Breeding decisions should be purposeful and intentional. There should be more design and less happenstance in our breeding decisions.

There are several objective tools that we use to help us make our decisions.

Pedigree. The ARI (Alpaca Registry) provides DNA verification of parentage. The accuracy of thi... read full article

Cool Ideas for Hot Summer Days

One of the most common questions that we get asked by visitors to our farm is: "How do alpacas do in this
That was one of our biggest concerns about raising alpacas in the Central Texas Hill Country, and I have to say, that we have been pleasantly surprised. We have always taken special precautions when the weather begins to warm up, but we have been very impressed with the adaptability of these wonderful animals. Obviously, the big concern about heat, is the possibility of heat stres... read full article