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TP Matrix Jubilee

Gorgeous Matrix Son

Alpaca , Huacaya , Herdsire (Male) |Proven |White

AOA# 31725064 | DOB: 10/23/2010 (13 yrs)

Dam: Valedar's Parfait

Hemi Accoyo Genetics ( 5/8 Alianza)

Valedar's Parfait

Huacaya Open (Female) White

AOA# 839513 DOB: 9/10/200221 yrs
Parfait is a beautiful Hemi Accoyo Female that we are thrilled to have the opportunity to have in our herd. She exhibits perfect conformation and bite with an astoundingly fine fleece. In fact, at 9 years of age, she still has a 19 micron fleece! She has produced a gorgeous male out of Snowmass Matrix that we have named TP Matrix Jubilee. His first fleece had a 14.6 average micron! She has had a series of spectacular cria, including TP Matrix Jubilee, TP Snowmass Touche's Eclair, TP Altiplan ...
  | AOA# 839513 | White
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TP Matrix Jubilee is a son of the renowned Snowmass Matrix and Tierra Prometida's finest fleeced female, Valedar's Parfait--who at 11 years of age and overweight has a micron of 19 still! In fact she is in the top 1% of EPD's for AFD (tenth in the nation), Spin Fineness ( 19th), %F>30m, mean curvature and SDMC!!!
He is Dense. He is Fine. He has a beautiful, fine, silky fleece with bundles, brightness, long staples, and a well-defined high frequency crimp. His fineness persists as has his dam's and as has his sire, Snowmass Matrix. Every one of his dam’s (Valedar's Parfait) offspring has EPD''s for fineness in the top 1-3%.
As the U.S. alpaca industry matures and advances, breeding decisions are being governed more by the objectivity of science and less by the hype of marketing. Fiber measurement, Estimated Progeny Differences and skin biopsy study all give us insights that can only narrow breeding decision making. All of these facts are available in predicting TP Matrix Jubilee's worth as a stud male.
4/04/2015--AFD: 16.3m; SD: 3.7; CV: 22.7; Mean Curv: 54.5; Total Wt: 8.2#
5/30/2014--AFD:18.5m ; SD:4.3;CV: 23.1; Mean Curv: 50.7; Total Wt: 8.2
5/10/2013--AFD:15.8m; SD: 3.9;CV: 24.4; Mean Curv 59.3; TotalWt:5.7#
5/5/2012—AFD:16.2m; SD: 3.9;CV: 24.3; Mean Curv: 54.3; Total Wt 6.2#
5/22/2011—AFD:14.6; SD: 3.3; CV: 22.6; Mean Curv: 54.7; Total Wt 4.0# @(6mo)
“Tierra Prometida’s Matrix Jubilee” was biopsied as a 28 month old white beige male with ARI#31725064. He is marked incorrectly on his 15x scan picture as well as density scan picture as a female rather than a male. I can redo at a later date. His 15X scan shows large fiber clusters mostly uniform in shape and placement. His true density is a freakish 107.73 follicles SQ MM of skin and his S/P ratio is 12.6 to 1. Note his high level 4 of 4 gland presence as the grey areas on the S/P and 250X scans. I would expect brightness of his fibers and this level of gland presence seems to be a strongly passed male genetic trait. 100 secondary fibers average 13.9 microns while 50 primary fibers average 17.4 microns for a spread of only 3.5 microns

Jubilee’s 2014 EPD’s place him in the top 1% for 4 traits.

Jubilee is conformationally beautiful and is extremely typey and compact. In addition, he carries a fleece that is stunning! His strong EPD's from both his dam and his sire are rock solid and predict that he will be able to project these fleece characteristics to his offpring in a reliable and predictable way.

All alpacas are not created equally....TP Matrix Jubilee is living proof and the science says so!

We are proud to co-own Jubilee with Olivier and Patricia Guillotin of Shalimar Alpacas of Warwick, where he gets to spend his summers May- November in New York.
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
05/22/201114.6/3.3/22.6/0.2 Mean Curv 54.7; Total wt 4# (6mo)
05/05/201216.2/3.9/24.3/0.3 Mean Curv 54.3; Total Wt 6.2#
05/05/201315.8/3.9/24.4/0.6%>30; Mean Curv 59.3; Total Wt 5.7#
04/05/2014AFD: 18.5; SD: 4.23; CV: 23; % F>30: 1.6 Mean Curve: 50 Fleece Wt: 8.2#
04/04/2015AFD: 16.36; SD; 3.7; CV; 22.7; F>30: 0.52; Mean Curv: 54.5; WT: 8.2#
04/01/2017AFD: 17.8; SD: 4.2; CV: 23.7; %F>30: 1.27; Mean Curv: 56; WT: 8.7#
04/07/2018AFD: 19; SD: 4; CV: 21.4; %F>30: 1.37; Mean Curv:50.3; WT: 7.2
04/08/2023AFD: 18.4; SD: 4.1; CV: 22.5; F>30: 1.3; Mean Curv: 58.4; Fleece Wt: 8.7
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