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Tierra Prometida Alpaca Ranch

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Alpaca Farm Store

We are available for visits by appointment. Please use our appointment app or call for available times.

About Our Store

Alpacas and more....

Our Farm Store is long time dream come true for us at Tierra Prometida Alpacas.

We have wanted to be able to have a farm store for a long time. So many people come out to the ranch to see and interact with these beautiful, intelligent, graceful animals and always ask: Why do you raise alpacas?
As with many things, the answer is complex but several reasons stand out:

* alpacas are livestock
* alpacas are beautiful and produce a beautiful end product--their fleece.
* I love the challenge of breeding strong, healthy animals, and improving the end product they produce (their
fleece) every year.

Describing alpaca fleece and showing it to people on the animal and in the bag, after shearing just doesn't show how wonderful their fleece can be. Seeing and feeling the fleece made into yarn, scarves, shawls, hats and even rugs allows you to experience it for yourself and, in fact, to envelope yourself in it. You have to FEEL it to know how wonderful alpaca is.

Please come out and visit us. Learn about alpacas, meet them, and surround yourself in this amazing, sensual, luxurious fiber.