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The A, B, C's of theStrategies For Success in the Alpaca Business

You are invited to our Alpaca Seminar--The A, B, C's of Success in the Alpaca Business..  
Senior Judge, Jude Anderson and her husband, Alpaca Business Expert, Al Cousill of Pucara International will be leading the seminar.

  • A:  Alpaca Assessment.  Ever wonder how your herd measures up overall, but don't want to pay someone to do a herd assessment that might be very painful to hear?  Well, do it yourself!  Learn how to be coldly objective, and ruthlessly assess your current alpacas so you can focus your goals accordingly.  Learn objective methods nowavailable to make intelligent purchases for any newalpacas that you may need to direct your herd to realimprovement and market competitiveness. Be able to critically evaluate your alpacas beginning from the time they are cria, and determine each animals strengths and weaknesses. Then use those strengths toward reaching your ranch's objectives.
  • B:  Breeding Choices.  Tired of expensive breedings that turned out to be a dud?  Here is where you can gain real and practical knowledge in using the array of techniques newly available.  This goes a long way toward making the best breeding choices, and reducing the guess work.  Avoid making mistakes in breeding that cost valuable time and money.
  • C:  Commercial Application. This is the "what can I do to make this work?" section.  Enter discussions about the realistic, sustainable, no-fluff commercial value of alpacas.  Learn about the actual expectations of fleece buyers, the strength and weaknesses of the current US alpaca herd, and some methods that could help make the US herd some of the best in the world.  Hear frank discussions of how alpaca value is determined and how some have breeding value, some have valuable fiber, some have value as PR animals, some have value as pets, and (for some owners) some have value as meat.
  • S: Show Ring Success.  What qualities are the judges looking for and how do they determine which animals are the winners? Learn how to select, train, and present animals in the show ring.   We will have a "mock" show with you as the handlers and select animals that Jude will evaluate and rank. She will then discuss and demonostrate the differences in the animals and everyone will have an opportunity to understand her decisions from her perspective

I hope you can join us!  The seminar will be all day Saturday, March 1st.

The nearest hotels are in San Marcos which is about 25 minutes from the ranch. 
Embassy Suites

Hampton Inn and Suites

Holiday Inn Express

See you soon,
Rhonda and Kern Deschner

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Thank you for you consideration.  I hope that we see you there--it should be a fun and informative weekend!
Rhonda Deschner
Tierra Prometida Alpacas


Jenny Thompson
Tierra Prometida Alpaca Ranch

Sunday, February 2, 2014