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Embryo Transfer

Find out Why ET is Not Something to be Afraid of....


What is UP with all this talk about Embryo Transfer?  

Read some of these articles below and find out for yourself...you'll be glad you did.

Everywhere I go, people are talking about it.  Alpaca Culture magazine recently had an interesting and thorough article about Embryo transfer.  In this article, they interviewed several people with experience using Embryo Transfer—both in the alpaca industry and in other livestock industries.   It was very compelling.  If you have the time, I would recommend reading it.  I am definitely no expert on the subject, but I find it very intriguing.  Alpaca Culture link

In 2011, ARI and ARF held their 2nd conference on camelid genetics and reproduction in Houston, Tx.  The conference was fabulous! One of the many topics that were discussed, was Embryo Transfer.

For an overview article about the conference, click here.

The first international conference was held in 2008.  But before that, about 10 years ago, the ARI held a meeting that also discussed reproductive technologies just prior to the vote concerning the ARI bylaws dealing with AI (artificial insemination), Embryo Transfer, and cloning.  Maybe with all of this renewed interest, it is time to reconsider our stance on Embryo Transfer (ET).  Maybe it is time to bring it to a vote again.

Other interesting articles about Embryo Transfer:

Paul Taylor's story about Embryo Transfer

Facts about Embryo Transfer in Alpacas, by Jorge Reyna

Embryo Transfer-A Breeder's Perspective, by Peter Kennedy and Robert Gane

 Factors Influencing Embryo Transfer Success in Alpacas--A Retrospective Study, by Jane Vaughan et al

Tuesday, June 2, 2020