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Wrapping Up 2012

Last month, Rhonda wrote an article about her favorite charitable cause, the Quechua Benefit. As I write this December article, it is still November, and she is still in Peru, where spring is coming. Rhonda is the medical director for a crew of providers that are caring for the Quechua natives of Peru who live high in the Andes, often above 15,000 feet. This medical team goes once a year, helping as they can with the resources available, and trying to make a difference in the lives of the Quechua. Today they took shoes that The Benefit purchased from donations, and delivered them to children who are walking around the Andes with rags on their feel. Rhonda says that there were many adorable little girls that felt like Cinderella when they got their shoes. Makes me a little ashamed of all the pairs of shoes I have thrown away because of minor wear. They also deliver sunscreen (the sun is pretty intense at that altitude), eyeglasses so people can read their Bibles or thread a needle, whatever nutrition they can find, and, of course, free medical care to people who have often never had any at all. I know The Quechua Benefit spends every dime on the people who need it. Even the doctors, nurses, and workers who travel to Peru to help are paying their own way.
I should be able to claim that Rhonda’s being away is tough on me, too, and that I have to do all the work! However, our ranch manager, Jenny Thompson, is really the hero at home when Rhonda is away. Jenny works a lot anyway, but almost nonstop since the mission trips started. Jenny took the show alpacas to Kansas City, and then Oklahoma City, and came home with an abundance of blue ribbons and championships. One little male, Athos, won a blue ribbon, best crimp ribbon, color championship ribbon, and best-of-show award for his fleece. And he is from last year’s crop of cria! This year’s is looking even better. Good job, Jenny!
Speaking of cria, December promises to give us a bumper crop of new and beautiful babies. The alpacas are all putting on thick fleeces again and the cria are being born every week. If you want to see babies, this month is a great time to come by for a visit. It’s free, and, if they are in the mood, you may get a really great picture of an alpaca baby kissing you for your Christmas letter! Just let us know if you are coming by!